Gray Moon Rising

Gray Moon Rising - S.M. Reine The last installment in a series. That should offer some closure, right? This one didn't. Good thing you can jump right on to "the Cain Chronicles" then.

I won't give you the synopsis; that one you can read in a million other places. I will, however, give you a short review of this series as a whole (it's a pretty quick read).

Both the "Seasons of the Moon" and "the Cain Chronicles" 1-4 was devoured in a short period of time (three days to be exact), still I needed a nights sleep to fully digest it before reviewing.

I liked this series, I really did. Still I was uncertain as whether to give it three or four stars. I've plowed through the books in no time, so it's got a good drive, it's not that. It's Riley.

She still annoys me A LOT! I get that this is aimed at YA, and I'm not, but still Riley, and Riley alone, annoys me to death.
See past that, and you have an array of really interesting characters, vividly depicted environments and a great story line.