Good idea, but..

Mug Meals: Delicious Microwave Recipes - Dina Cheney

I love the thought of easy meals with almost no prep-time! Looking at the cover and the blurb, I really wanted this to be the book for me.


However.. The pantry list is quite extensive, and a lot of the recipes (especially in the lunch/dinner section) calls for quite an amount of pre-prep. Minced meat and cooked rice/quinoa to mention just a few. A lot of those recipes just doesn't seem to be worth the bother of microwaving, rather than cook a full meal and then reheat the leftovers later. Mind you, there are quite a few interesting recipes in this book, I'm just not sure they're as easy to "whip up in a whim" as the book claims.


The breakfast section, however, is good enough.


A big drawback design wise: the pictures of empty, dirty mugs. And there are quite a few of them throughout the book..


All in all an OK book, but be aware that the five minutes called for to make a meal, is after all the pre-prep is done. Make the lunch/dinner recipes full size and reheat them instead. A lot of the recipes really do look delicious!