Better than the first one..!

Make You - Claire Farrell

3,5 stars.
I’m sorry to say that this one follows the same recipe as the first installment: No twists and turns, and close to no mystery. A couple chapters in, and you can probably predict who the antagonists are. The whole book is quite predictable. One difference though: this book ends with a sort of cliffhanger – good! There are also more action in this book (on all levels), even if it takes it time getting there. Overall I liked this better than the first book, and I will be reading the third and last one. Meaning: even though I’m critical, I won’t say it’s a waste of time, or that you shouldn’t read it. I’m just saying the author can do better (”Ava Delaney”). Oh, and she really needs to write where the story takes place. Dublin, Ireland. Mentioned in one sentence in book one..

Dev no longer tries to maintain the ”Queen Bitch” attitude, and that’s one of the greatest things about this book. You can clearly see how she has changed from the first book, and how she struggles to live a normal life. Of course there is no such thing for Devlin O’Mara, and deep down she knows it, no matter how hard she tries to tell herself otherwise.

Girls are going missing, the police are getting nowhere, and somehow they’re all connected to Dev. Sully can’t be back. He’s dead. She saw Base kill him. Yet her house is marked with a red x, and people are behaving suspiciously close to the same way they did when Sully was around.

The ending is actually quite good. It’s almost worth reading the whole book just for that. Off to read the third and final book in this series!